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KCP Metal Fabrications, Inc. has distinguished itself as a leading manufacturer of fabricated precision metal parts, at low volumes with fast turnaround and high quality at a competitive price.

We have established a core competency in pioneering state of the art laser technology methods, and combining these with traditional CNC systems, forming systems and other technology, to cost-effectively fabricate sheet metal products with high quality.

We are not just a fabricator, we prefer to partner with our customers in the design stage to help enhance their products for manufacturability.

The KCP Advantage

Commitment to Quality

“Good is the enemy of great” – Jim Collins, Good to Great We do not believe that “good” is good enough. Our guiding principal is constant improvement; in our equipment, in our people and in our processes. We continually adapt and change to developments in our industry and the needs of our customers.

Hands-On Owners

Since 1982 when Karin and Conrad Pioli started the company, KCP has been dedicated to the success of their customers. Conrad’s involvement in all aspects of the business, from engineering to sales, gives him a comprehensive understanding of his customers’ needs and requirements. Even today, Conrad is the primary point of contact for, and accessible to, our customers. He understands your business and brings value to the design and manufacturing processes. The result is a level of service that is unmatched by our competitors.

Strategic Partnerships

There is a reason we retain more than 90% of our established customers. Every member of our team is driven by our core value of building relationships with our customers, measuring our success by theirs. We recognize that the connections we make and maintain are what drive our business. Our many long-standing partnerships – an average in excess of 15 years – are a testament to our commitment to our quality commitment and a personalized approach to service.

There is an old Dakota Indian Proverb that says, “We will be known forever by the tracks we leave behind.” Our reputation is defined by those tracks, so we work hard every day to lay down the right tracks; those of Distinction, Integrity and Community.