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There are many companies in the metal fabrication business, and at first glance, they may seem to be more or less the same. Despite the commonalities, however, not all metal fabrication companies are created equal. There are key differences among companies in terms of experience, capabilities, and service provided.

Understanding these differences is the key to choosing the best partner to provide the quality components you need for your business.


Dictionaries define experience as “Familiarity with a skill or field of knowledge acquired over months or years of actual practice and which, has resulted in superior understanding or mastery.” 

Experience is crucial and not every company has it. It’s important to determine the history and experience level of any company with which you are considering establishing a partnership. 

Experience is about more than just the number of years in business, however. The skills, knowledge, and expertise acquired over the course of time are equally important.

As President and COO of KCP Metal Fabrications, Inc., Conrad Pioli’s expertise comes not just from the years he has spent building KCP from the ground up, but from having performed every job with the company at one time or another. As a result, he gained a broad background of experience that enables him to provide innovative fabricating solutions for customers.


Companies vary widely in their capabilities. It is important to select a metal fabrication provider that has the capacity and skill level to handle your production needs.

Ultimately, it’s the expertise of the team and how equipment is utilized that make the difference in the manufacturability and quality of the end product.  

At KCP, we take pride in our ability to blend modern technology and equipment with the experience necessary to serve as the single source for all your metal fabrication projects. It is the combined experience of our team that enables us to bring out-of-the-box thinking to the manufacturing process.  

Recently, for example, a customer contracted with us to produce a large, complex assembly that required welding. During the manufacturing process, however, the components were prone to warping. To solve the problem, we developed a proprietary process that eliminated warping of the components.  

Later, as the product line was sold, the new owner took their fabrication business elsewhere. They were disappointed to discover, however, that the new supplier could not make the parts correctly. Despite the relocation of the product line out of state, they wasted no time in returning their business to KCP.


Just as companies vary in their experience and capabilities, they also differ in their ability to provide customer service. Chose a fabrication partner that is committed to exceptional service.

At KCP, each of our large customers is assigned an account manager to coordinate orders and maintain communication on the status of orders. This enables us to provide a high level of personalized service that can also result in cost savings and improved efficiency.

Our account managers routinely go above and beyond to learn your business. For example, our account managers, have on several occasions, drawn upon their knowledge of customer product lines to intervene when duplicate orders were placed, or excessive quantities were ordered.

Most importantly, Conrad Pioli continues to be involved in all aspects of the business – from engineering to sales. This gives him a comprehensive understanding of your needs and requirements. Even today, Conrad is the primary point of contact for, and accessible to, all our customers. He understands your business and brings value to the design and manufacturing processes. The result is a level of service unmatched by our competitors.

The KCP Difference

Of course, every business is concerned with the cost of their finished product. However, too much emphasis on obtaining the lowest initial price can obscure the actual cost of doing business.

Any manufacturer can churn out cheap parts to make a quick profit. Instead, seek a company such as KCP that considers you a partner – and not as just another customer.

The partnership formed between the team at KCP and yours will go a long way to ensure the success of your finished component. While our pricing may not always be the lowest on paper, in the long run, we are often the least expensive. 

When you are sourcing your next project, consider all that KCP has to offer in terms of service and quality. KCP Metal Fabrications, Inc. is your best resource for a partnership that will boost your bottom line in the long run and provide you with a partner for your success.